10 Diabetic Foot Facts That Shouldn’t Be True

diabetic foot facts

Now I do not know why an owl is on the title picture for Diabetic foot facts. Maybe its wise? Who knows. This page is all about, why. Why we are doing what we are doing. Why prevention is a much needed treatment for diabetics and hopefully it might stimulate some people to be mindful of their feet 🙂

Thanks to: Diabetic Foot Online for supplying references

  • Having a footcare program set in place can reduce amputation rates by 75%

When patients “go it alone” we tend to find more issues. If a team of healthcare professionals are in place and referral pathways are in place then these footcare programs work well

  • For every $1 spent on footcare services for the diabetic foot, healthcare saves $27-51

This is one stat that makes the managers of healthcare facilities take notice 🙂 Unfortunately footcare services in some places have been reduced or removed. In others, orthotics- which have been proven to be highly beneficial in pressure reduction are not covered by Government programs. The footcare programs break along the chain.

  • In the US, there is a foot wound found every 3.8 seconds

This can be related to most places

  • 33% of patients who have poor circulation (ischemia) die unhealed

Ischemia is poor for diabetics as seen here in our prevention article. Sometimes the wound has been caught too late, sometimes the patient is too elderly or too complex to undergo certain procedures. Once you have a bad blood supply going down to your feet then it makes it hard to heal and sometimes you try to keep the wound from getting worse.

  • Every 20 seconds a limb is lost to Diabetes…every 30 minutes a limb is lost to a landmine
  • Within 2 years of an major amputation, 50% of people will have their other limb amputated

Unfortunately this comes from a mini pattern that has been found with the diabetic foot. From ulceration, to minor amputation to full leg amputation. It is not always the case, but it is something to note.

  • 80% of all the non-traumatic amputations in the US is due to Diabetes
  • Half of ulcerations become infected, 20% of those infected wounds will lead to amputation

A lot of ulcerations become infected and most are when you see them. Unfortunately you can not keep the patient in the clinic, they have to go home and you have to judge when they should come back. If the ulcer becomes to wet and goes through the dressing then that increases the chances of infection. Also diabetes reduces your immunity  so diabetics are more prone to infections. The infections can also be quick and happen within a few days making that ulcer go from being managed to bad quite quick.

  • By 2030 10% of the world population will have diabetes

The rate at which we are treating the symptoms of diabetes rather than figuring out where it is coming from is a concern. Whether it is our diet, our reduced activities or something else that we still haven’t found, but diabetes is becoming a problem. With the stats above applied to 10% of the world population, it doesn’t look good. And with the cost of diabetes extremely high our healthcare systems are not going to cope (remember other illnesses are increasing as well).

  • Diabetes kills more people than AIDS and Breast cancer combined

Another terrible stat.

Just remember prevention.


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